Affiliate Marketing Evolution: Use marketing compliance guidelines to your advantage.

Affiliate Marketing Evolution: Use marketing compliance guidelines to your advantage.

Affiliate marketing is an industry of the past, present and future. Despite facing all the new challenges, changes and regulatory issues - new solutions and fresh ideas always will continue to spur the affiliate marketing industry towards achieving a new developmental stage. Therefore, BET2020 will host The iGB Affiliate Workshop as part of the conference.

In the framework of conference block “AFFILIATE MARKETING. EVOLUTION!”  Ian Sims,  founder of Rightlander, will take part in the dedicated panel discussion.

Rightlander is a UK-based supplier of compliance tools and services. Previously, Ian as an IT Support Manager at Barclays, established one of the UK’s first web development agencies in 1994, working for clients including the FT and JP Morgan. In 2017, he spotted the opportunity to create software which monitored for misleading advertising within the iGaming sector and Rightlander was subsequently launched in January 2018.

In a panel discussion entitled “How operators & affiliates can turn marketing compliance guidelines to their advantage”, Ian will share the latest useful insights for 2020.

Discover new tips with BET2020:

- using unique bonus codes;

- encouraging loyalty;

- how operators and affiliates can build trust;

- how to enter markets without clear guidelines;

- surviving while the competition disappears;

- using compliance to enhance a reputation and build authority;

- software tools that can help interpret and follow the guidelines.

Take all of the tips at BET2020 and go ahead! Only while being updated on the latest development trends, you will be ready to face the 2020 challenge and attain greater heights! BET2020 will unite like-minded people under the same roof to exchange ideas which after there won't be any outstanding issues in this regard!

BET2020 and iGB Affiliate Workshop will bring together all the affiliate marketing followers. Why don’t you join right now and come along with us?