Explore on BET2020 how disruptive technology could benefit your business in 2020!

Explore on BET2020 how disruptive technology could benefit your business in 2020!

Technology is the enabler of business growth,  and it is very important to find out the latest insights into this world right in time. At BET2020, you'll learn how disruptive technologies can impact on your business in 2020.

That’s why in the framework of our conference we have decided to pay great attention to the newest gambling technologies and to set up a separate conference block named “Future of the Gambling industry. Innovative profitable technology”. (Find out all conferences’ blocks.

And we are pleased to present to you Paul McNea, Director of Strategic Development at Persado, as the first speaker of this block. He became a co-founded an award-winning sports betting business of Betfuze in 2012, and started his iGaming consulting business in 2016, focusing on creating new revenue streams for companies in the Telco, Media and Sports sectors.

Having a wealth of experience and talent for finding new ways to increase business income, Paul will cover the conference topic “The top 5 most disruptive technologies for iGaming in 2020!”.

Only at our conference you will find out the following below:

  • How to recognise disruptive tech that fits your business.
  • Understand how these technologies are changing customer engagement.
  • Calculate the potential uplift and revenue generation benefits.
  • The costs and potential integration drawbacks from deploying the new technology. 

At this speaker session you will not only learn about the top 5 most destructive platforms but also understand their potential impact in the next 12 months to stimulate growth.

Get insights right in time and increase the profit of your business.

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